TalkDrawer – Turning managers into leaders

We transform business books, business strategy and company presentations into pre-created short talks hosted online.

Lessons from the book, Never Split the Difference by Chris Voss and Tahl Raz, deliver our FREE TALK to your team and share the negotiation tactics used by an ex-FBI hostage negotiator.

Want more engaged employees?
Want empowered managers leading them?

Stop speaking TO your people, start speaking THROUGH them!

With only 15% of staff shown to be engaged globally and 70% of this variance being due to direct managers , it’s clear they need some help. Empower your managers to engage with and lead their teams. Luckily, that’s exactly what TalkDrawer does

What is TalkDrawer?

TalkDrawer is an online library of pre-created, short talks each complete with professionally designed slide decks, coaching videos, supporting content and interactive discussion points.

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    Short Talks (+-15min)

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    Coaching Videos

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    Slide Decks

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    Supporting Material

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    Team Feedback


What topics do the talks cover?

In many cases we believe CURATIVITY trumps creativity. Many of the worlds pre-eminent thought leaders have researched and written incredible books, on just about any topic, with phenomenal lessons you can learn from and importantly action in your business. Using our proven methodology for talk creation, we transform business books, as well as proprietary business strategy and internal presentations, into short talks to be delivered by on the ground leaders.

Our library of general short talks cover a range of important topics such as customer service, leadership, negotiation, sales and execution.

Leadership is now a trackable KPI.

Be in control of and gain insights into:

Strategic talks your leaders are delivering.

When talks must be delivered.

Which of your leaders are improving as speakers and importantly leaders.

Feedback from teams on the ground about the content delivered to them.

Commitments from individuals on how they will action what they have learned.

Topics teams would like to have covered going forward.

Don’t just take our word for it, take theirs

"TalkDrawer has been the single most influential force on my business that I have ever implemented."

Dillon Jearey

Kilowatt AV

"TalkDrawer has enabled us to speak with a uniform voice across our close on 160 offices helping us turn top-level strategy into ground-level tactics."

Adrian Goslett

RE/MAX Southern Africa

"TalkDrawer has propelled me to the next level as a speaker. It has really made a change to our meetings, agents are now expecting something exciting and are less inclined to miss a sales meeting!"

Martin Potgieter

RE/MAX Jacaranda

Interested in rolling out TalkDrawer in your business?

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