About – TalkDrawer

What we’re about

We believe in leading loud. Our mission is to empower leaders to speak to their teams, thereby sharing knowledge, creating a powerful organizational conversation and ultimately a more engaged and action focused workforce. Whether you want to turn your managers into leaders or stand up and inspire your own team, we want to make you the hero!

With 22 years of expertise in public speaking and communication strategy we are perfectly placed to turn boring old top-down communication methods into a process that will help grow the next generation of leaders within your business and create a real groundswell of behavioural and cultural change throughout any workforce.

Who we are


Richard Mulholland

Global Keynote Speaker & TED Coach

22 Years experience in the presentation in industry
-Founder: Missing Link-


Justin King

Project Execution Specialist

10 Years experience managing online platform development


Grant Steuart

Presentation Designer Extraordinaire

12 Years experience in the presentation industry


Don Packett

Keynote Speaker

18 Years experience in the presentation industry
-CEO:Missing Link-