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TalkDrawer Campaigns

TalkDrawer is built on a set of presentations that focus on specific areas that you want to address in your business.

Each presentation can be presented to your team in isolation, however, sometimes they form part of a campaign. So what are campaigns? A campaign is a series of presentations that you can deliver to your team over a series of a few weeks. Often we've found that presenting too much too soon will overwhelm your team, resulting in not much change happening within. Through campaigns, you're able to address new ways of thinking in bite-sized chunks, allowing for maximum impact for the organization.

Delivering a talk is a lot like conducting a symphony. You're standing out front, but your audience is your orchestra. They are going to be the ones making the music. This series is designed to int [...]
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Commodity Sales
The bad news is that too often there's a massive gap between how we perceive value, and our customers do. The worse news is that the customer's wins. This four-part preso series is designed to narrow [...]
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Culture Leadership Qualities
Winston Churchill once said, "To improve is to change, to be perfect is to change often." This is as true for our organizations as it is for nations. This three-part campaign addresses the mindset [...]
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